CoCoIO Concentrated Errata

This is the 'live' version of the pack in errata sheet that came with your CoCoIO. It's updated periodically, this is the 12/8/21 version.


We have found compatibility issues with three aftermarket CoCo products. Those would be the Triad+ 2M RAM upgrade, and both the miniMPI and megaminiMPI multipak replacements. We are looking into this. 

In better news, here are some configurations that are specifically known to work, and most likely can be mix & matched:

  • CoCo1F 6809 64K, silver MPI, SAM accel (6309 fails)
  • CoCo2 6809 64K, 3024 MPI
  • CoCo2 6309 64K, 3024 MPI, SAM accel
  • CoCo3 6809 512K Tandy, 3334 MPI
  • CoCo3 6309 512K Tandy, 3334 MPI
  • CoCo3 6309 2M boomerang, 3024 MPI
  • CoCo3 6309 8M GIME-X, 3024 MPI

basic web browser

If you do OS9 this will be fun to play with. To get the code try . 

just the facts

Check the blog here for specific, um, blogs. Also, here are datasheets for the two main chips. These are not 'current', they are the ones used to design the board last winter;-)

Wiznet networking

The hopefully not dead yet TI 16550 serial UART.