It Is ALIVE!!!

CoCoIO is fixed!!! Per the front page, we’ll send a jed file, a chip, or exchange the whole thing. If you don’t get an email soon, let us know. Now it (probably) works with most CoCo it might be a good time to do an info roundup. Starting with, where is the code?

The vast majority is Henry's work, including a group of core OS9 network utilities, and both server and CoCo sides of a remote boot/program load module. Find both of them at his github here.  

With help from those new utilities, my original Basic09 demo is being turned into an application at my github.

And given working hardware, the PI drivewire guy MikeyN6IL is threatening to restart his project.

I've made a few videos about the CoCoIO. Not exactly great youtube, but I did clean them up. Added the index notes in case there are good parts.

First, let's cover Frobio, the boot and run things master.

frobio_life.mp4 - The game of Life.
0:30 boot via dhcp
0:50 lemma menu
1:00 game of life on pmode4
1:42 red! new random pieces
2:11 reboot, retry

frobio_EOU.mp4 - Boot EOU 1.0 from remote server.
0:25 boot try one
0:32 boot try two
1:00 lemma menu
1:30 start boot
2:00 term screen
2:30 time
3:16 command prompt
3:30 run montype (3:42)
4:10 the sys directory that isn't here
4:30 working on a boot rom
5:00 dynastar demo

And then there are OS9 utilties. Here is an example using them from inside Basic09 to maintain an address list.

hostdemo_b09.mp4 - exersize f.dhcp and f.dig
0:00 load host.b09, debug=TRUE
0:40 load testit.b09 
1:00 lookup, get 2 cnames then an a record
1:43 no debug runthru
2:10 with cached result

Which leads directly to the web browser demo. We can hand off enough work to become a web browser application one day. Just watch us... find yet another bug.

wwwdebug.mp4 - www, end of page bug.
0:00 it might be entertaining... (dir)
0:30 Henry's libs to get
1:00 bookmark page, debugging on
1:30 home page up, history file made
2:00 debug - check destination
2:30 retry
3:00 in link test page - explained hotkeys
3:45 try to go to a link
4:00 cont retry loops
5:00 edit in debug=TRUE
5:30 start in debug mode
6:00 raw page dump
6:45 bad request on 2nd page
7:25 crashed into old data somehow, not shown in debug mode