It's all about codez

Hardware isn't much by itself, and it's great to have folks working on major utilities like drivewire and PXE-like bootup. And it's fun to know online games are being poked at. Keeping in mind nothing is 'done', what's here now?

We have to start with frobio. This repo is one man's attempt to recreate the BSD socket library in OS9. It's written in cmoc/lwasm and the source is out there to follow along. Check out Henry Strictland's github. At this writing, it features some important building blocks, including:

f.dhcp coco -- set ipv4 addr/mask/gateway via dhcp
f.config -- or set via static -- ping host
f.arp -- get the MAC address for host
f.dump -- like TCPDUMP. No broadcast, multicast, or ipv6.
f.tget rfile lfile -- get rfile from TFTP server save lfile
(process) | f.send
f.recv -p6666 | (process) -- send or receives UDP packets on given port.
f.ntp [-s] -- Display (-s set) the time (UTC) from NTP daemon.
f.dig [-a] [-tN] -- Domain Internet Groper, like "dig" in Linux.

And then, the original  CoCoIO demo. The 'worst web wrangler' attempts to show what can be done using only Basic09. It was looking real pretty right as we ran out of RAM so the main branch is pretty old. We are well into the refactoring, the download will catch up to the demos soon. There is also a DECB outline, just the bare necessities.

www displays a simplified html geared towards exchanging information, like the early internet was. This page is written entirely for CoCo, it's updated as new features are added. The next new feature is big - file downloads require a little more than Basic09 and asm is not my strong suit. However, the community is filling in those gaps, so soon! Tags supported so far:

<title> goes on the titlebar and in the link/bookmark
<html> expecting vanilla 1.1 until </html>
<header> looks for/displays a 4xx series error else eats and moves on
<h1-6> Currently random text attributes make illogical 6, needs work
<p> paragraph - 31-106 cols. auto line wrap,
but long words and 32 cols kinda suck.
<b> bold. The only flavor we recognise.
(blink is supported in html and os9, strangely missing here:)
<i> italics = not in OS9, using proportional, help!
<a also forwards to link, history, bookmarks file as needed
<a href="">description
<a href="/localdir/page.html">description
<a href="">plea for help
(ok, all this does is try to call an email client)
<a href="#Section_further_down">TFM, read it.
<a href="/files/" download> Fine, here.
<img src="kite.jpg" alt="Flya Kite" width="80" height="80">
inline thumbnail, click for gfx viewer in another window
<img src="kite.jpg" alt="Flya Kite">
inline icon, click for gfx viewer in another window

We forgot Mikey! MikeyN6IL released a flurry of Septandy videos on youTube, including his background work on drivewire over ethernet. Prototyping in C, and now moving to assembly. Including a nice piece on debugging emulated and real CoCos with NoICE. Check out his youtube channel, good stuff. 

And that was the summer doldums! Can't wait to see what the winter brings.